quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

"I miei manoscritti bruciati" - "My Burned Scripts"

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Miguel Barroso disse...

Awesome, must ask your permission to "steal" your photo

Anónimo disse...

You can do what you like with this one ( but if you see in Lulu.com this is a cover of a book of poem of mine "Respira ancora il mare?").
If you like to know the story of this my paint (!?! is not a paint but a real monoscritto of mine burned and just cover with a transparent vernice glued on canvas 120x80).
Happen after receiving the 110° letter from Editors: "congratulations...congratulation...but unlikely your work are not in our schedula"...so....I did it.
Really you can used.

Miguel Barroso disse...

ahahahha...amazing idea! love it!